About Me

I've always loved Mid Century Americana.  The architecture, the automobiles, the food, the apparel.  Everything' that made up this remarkable time!

Originally from scenic Spokane Washington, I was raised in Wiesbaden Germany, in a home full of remarkable Danish Modern furnishings, where it was my 'job' to 'oil' the Teak  and rake the orange shag carpet !
 For a 'Look into the 'Future', the folks took us to the 'Fabulous' 1964-1965, New York World's Fair, with a visit to A & W and Tasty Freeze along the way....and that did it !

Now I want to 'return' to 1962  ,,, and when I 'find a way', I'm 'going back'!

Thank you for visiting my site!

Mike McKeen

Email: midcenturymike@gmail.com

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